Senior Full-Stack Engineer

New York, NY / Full-time

Relevant is looking for a senior full-stack engineer to join us as employee number eleven. This role involves developing features for both our healthcare analytics platform and our care management suite, which is used by thousands of healthcare providers every day to assist patients with complex needs.

We’re looking for someone who wants to help shape our product, tech stack, and company for the next several years. Responsibilities will vary—partly according to your particular strengths and inclinations—but the range of possible tasks is wide, and includes:

  • Product design and UX
  • Writing client-side code with React and d3
  • Hacking on our in-browser ETL toolchain, which extracts data from customer systems
  • A variety of scrappy startup responsibilities, which we all share, from answering help-desk tickets to working on customer implementations to writing blog posts

Key requirements

Above all, we’re looking for general smarts, passion for the craft of programming, and excellent communication skills. We’re fun and easy to collaborate with, and hope you are too! Here are some specific requirements to help see if we’re a good fit:

  • 5+ years professional software development experience In the future, we expect to be able to train and mentor junior devs, including recent bootcamp graduates (so if that’s you, keep us on your radar), but for this hire we’re looking for someone who has professional experience working on at least one large code base, over the course of several years, with more than half a dozen collaborators.

  • Expert fluency in at least one server-side language We mostly use Ruby for server-side work, so if you’re a Rubyist that’s a plus. But mostly we’re looking for a demonstrated ability to master a language, whether it’s C++, Python, Rust, Lisp, or something else.

  • 3+ years experience writing production JavaScript code We don’t care if you already know React specifically, but it’s a good sign if you’re deeply familiar with at least one of the modern JS frameworks, and find React and the virtual DOM intellectually interesting.

Working at Relevant

  • Join a small team of people (currently, there's just under 20 of us) who love what we do and continually strive to delight our customers.

  • Help us build a company culture that's friendly, respectful, and encourages continual learning.

  • Competitive salary, excellent benefits (we pay 100% of employee healthcare premiums), 401(k) with employer contribution, generous vacation policy, and a general emphasis on happiness and sanity.

Our office space in downtown Manhattan is provided by WeWork, which means we get all sorts of nice amenities, including social spaces with couches, lots of natural light, and free coffee and beer. Here's what it looks like:

WeWork City Hall Common Space Photo

How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Senior Full-Stack Engineer.” When responding, please attach a resume and include something that will help us get to know you professionally (a GitHub profile, Twitter handle, blog, etc), and also include the phrase “tiger koala” somewhere in your response.