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Relevant partners with CHCs to move the needles that matter, from clinical quality to revenue lifecycle and resource utilization.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

My doctors love Relevant. Nothing we’ve seen is as elegant or easy to understand. They've also helped us build up our own, internal analytics capabilities. Working with them has made us smarter at every level. Net promoter score: 10.”

Lindsay Farrell
CEO, Open Door Family Medical Centers
Ossining, NY

The process of getting data into the hands of the care team has been streamlined—we’ve cut out so many manual steps. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s really clear they have a deep understanding of health centers.”

Danielle Oryn
Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Petaluma Health Center
Petaluma, CA

How we're different

and intuitive
Relevant is an analytics tool for everyone, not just computer nerds. Providers, administrators, and QI professionals typically get the hang of it with five minutes of training.
for CHCs
Our tools cover the full range of health center operations, from clinical quality and billing to provider productivity, appointment scheduling, wait time analysis, patient demographics, and more.
and verifiable
Relevant allows technical users to trace the data all the way from the EMR, through extraction and transformation, and onto the page, making it far easier to troubleshoot data integrity issues.
During implementation, we get deep into the trenches with your staff, finding ways to account for the unique intricacies of your practice. If you have in-house data analysts, we train them on how to build custom measures inside Relevant.
Data warehouse
We offer full access to the back-end data warehouse that powers our software. Hook up Tableau, Crystal, Excel, or your favorite query editor, while making use of a single source of truth for all your reporting.
Too much healthcare technology is behind the curve. We're not, and you can feel the difference. Pages load fast. Menus make sense. Queries are optimized behind the scenes. We sweat the details to make a product you'll love to use.

The Platform

Exploratory analysis, without the pain

How big a spike in pediatric visits should we expect the day after Thanksgiving? Are we getting better at addressing racial disparities in diabetes A1C control? How much better? At which clinics?

Relevant is designed to help answer questions like these. Queries return almost instantly, so you can follow hunches and test ideas painlessly (and without waiting for a new report from IT). Data points can be cut by race, ethnicity, age, gender, PCP, insurance, care team, clinic location, and more.

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