Operations Coordinator

New York, NY / Full-time

Join a small, mission-driven tech startup that works with community health centers across the country.

At Relevant, we’re building great software for community health centers and other organizations that work with low-income and underserved patients.

This position is ideal for someone who wants to be at the center of day-to-day operations for a five-year-old company. It's part office manager, part logistics, a bit of executive assistance, and plenty of room to take on increasing responsibilities over time.

Main responsibilities

  • Manage the office. You’ll own everything related to making Relevant a happy, well-oiled machine. Handle day-to-day organizational tasks, like answering the phone, opening the mail, and ordering snacks. Help us buy and manage a variety of tech equipment (laptops, cables, speakerphones). Figure out what furniture and supplies we need to make the office a fun and comfortable place to work.

  • Handle day-to-day finances. Own the customer invoicing process, which involves mastering our accounting software, time-tracking software, and the fine print in our contracts. Enter bills, deposit checks, and reconcile our AmEx. Help us analyze expenses and make sure we're spending money wisely.

  • Coordinate events. Coordinate company events and travel, including customer site visits, fun company outings (Escape the Room?), and staff retreats. Handle logistics for trade shows, which usually means getting a few of us to our destination with TV, laptops, swag, and marketing materials intact.

  • Work on special projects. This might include things like tracking down a missing refund check from New York State's Department of Tax and Finance, researching what's the best HIPAA-compliant large file sharing option, or improving the A/V setup in our meeting rooms.

  • Assist with bookkeeping, marketing, HR, legal, and project management. Over time, we'll likely ask you to pitch in on all of these things. If some are more compelling to you than others, we'll try to shape your work accordingly and give you opportunities to develop in specific areas.

Preferred qualifications

Above all, we’re looking for general smarts, emotional intelligence, and excellent communication skills. We’re fun and easy to collaborate with, and hope you are too! Past experience in an administrative, office management, or operations role is a plus, but not required. Here are some specific qualities we’re looking for, to help see if we’re a good fit:

  • Tech savvy. You’re the type of person who enjoys learning new pieces of software. You get excited about finding ways to accomplish a task with fewer clicks. Maybe you’re a spreadsheet wizard; if not, you’d like to become one, with help from colleagues and Googling around to solve problems.

  • Love for organization and systems. You have an inherent love (maybe bordering on obsession) for organization. You’d be excited to build and improve all sorts of systems at Relevant, from keeping track of myriad regulatory deadlines, to tinkering with Expensify until it works more seamlessly with our accounting software.

  • Strong project management skills. You’re able to bring clarity and organization to a new project from start to finish. You can learn a lot on your own, find ways of cutting through obstacles, and have good instincts about when to consult with others.

  • Superior writing ability. We’re looking for someone who can write polished, friendly, professional emails to customers and other collaborators. Ideally you’re a person who loves language and takes pride in writing well.

  • Excellent research skills. You’re good at getting to the bottom of things. "Things" might include how to pay New York State sales tax (cash or accrual basis?), how a particular clinical quality measure is defined, how Google Groups permissions can be tweaked… the list is endless, and we hope that variety is appealing to you.

  • A desire to make healthcare better, with a focus on equity and social justice. We’re not the kind of startup chasing hyper-growth. We’re building tools used by safety-net organizations that are fighting health disparities, and are looking for candidates who find this focus compelling.

  • Be nice. As a company, we think feelings matter a lot. We’re looking for people who understand this, who are easy to work with, and whom other people always want on their team.

Working at Relevant

  • Join a small team of people (currently, there are 16 of us) who love what we do and continually strive to delight our customers.

  • Help us build a company culture that's friendly, respectful, and encourages continual learning.

  • Competitive salary, excellent benefits (we pay 100% of employee healthcare premiums), 401(k) with employer contribution, generous vacation policy, and a general emphasis on happiness and sanity.

When we're not experiencing a pandemic, our office space in downtown Manhattan is provided by WeWork, with the attendant nice amenities: social spaces, lots of natural light, reasonably good coffee and espresso. Here's the common area:

WeWork City Hall Common Space Photo

How to Apply

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Operations Coordinator." When responding, include a resume and a note in the body of the email explaining your interest in the position. Please also include the phrase "purple groundhog antidote" somewhere in your note, so that we know you read this.

We’re committed to building a diverse company. Applicants who identify with groups that are under-represented in the technology industry are strongly encouraged to apply.