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UDS+ is here. Relevant has your back.

In January 2024, we became the first vendor to release a working UDS+ module. Not to brag, but we think we’ve built the best UDS+ experience anywhere. Generate the right data, check it for quality, and ensure you're getting full credit for the services you provide—regardless of coding issues in the EHR.

Simple, friendly, and correct

With Relevant, it’s just a few clicks to generate a UDS+ submission and send directly to HRSA. Our logic is built on decades of experience extracting UDS data, deep engagement with UDS+ stakeholders, and dozens of consultations with HRSA’s technical team.

A UDS+ submission in Relevant

Get full credit—and dollars

EHR data is messy. We clean it up so you get credit for every screening, service, and diagnosis, even if there are coding issues in the EHR. (There always are. :) These data fixes can translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in quality awards and other incentive payments.

Drill into the details

UDS+ involves a data format called FHIR. It's good for machines, but hard for humans to read.

To vet your data before sending to HRSA, we provide a human-friendly view of the UDS+ submission details, along with the source data and the logic behind it. No other UDS+ solution provides this level of transparency.

UDS+ data for the Clinical Result Observation resource

Hands-on support from UDS(+) experts

From October to February, we live and breathe UDS and UDS+ at Relevant. Our goal is the most accurate, efficient, and painless submission process possible. Here’s how we do it:

  • Experience. We have decades of experience reporting UDS across a wide variety of real-world circumstances, in health centers across the U.S.
  • Knowledge. We know the UDS(+) materials inside out: the manual, the implementation guide, PALs, supplementary guidance. We’ve also got the receipts on issues that go beyond HRSA’s written instructions, ironed out in consultation with the UDS Support Center.
  • Partnerships. We're active participants in the UTC and hold regular, 1:1 calls with the technical team behind UDS+ at HRSA—to make sure we're getting UDS+ right, and to advocate for changes that will make this process easier for everyone.
  • Data sleuthing. We help solve a wide array of last-mile data challenges. Including tracking down every place where critical data ends up in the EHR, ensuring you get full credit for the services you provide.
Relevant makes the submission process so much easier. We can trust that the data is correct—and understand the process that led to the numbers. There are not enough words to say how much I appreciate what Relevant does for us… for my mental health more than anything else!”
Dustin Baker
Senior Data Analyst, CrescentCare

Merge data from multiple EHRs

HRSA requires a single UDS+ submission per health center. If you have multiple EHRs or data systems (or are migrating mid-year from one EHR to another), we can bring all of your data together in Relevant. Our data platform becomes your single, validated, de-duplicated source of truth—for operational reports, QI, finance, UDS, UDS+, and more.

Learn more about UDS+ with Relevant

Want to go deeper? Check out the UDS+ resources in our Help Center. You'll find a list of Frequently Asked Questions, details about our UDS+ features, webinar recordings, links to resources from HRSA, and more.

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