In recent months, many community health centers across the country have quickly shifted gears to begin immunizing staff, and increasingly patients, with two newly approved COVID-19 vaccines. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed - the Biden Administration has recently shared plans to strengthen health centers’ role in the national vaccine distribution plan, since they serve the most vulnerable in our society.

A few weeks ago, Relevant held a user group session to learn about health centers’ unmet needs during this critical time. Due entirely to the valuable feedback we received, we’re excited to ship two tools to assist with vaccine distribution: a COVID-19 Immunizations Dashboard and a “Due for second dose of COVID-19 immunization” care gap.

COVID-19 Immunizations Dashboard
Relevant's COVID-19 Immunizations dashboard (note: not all tiles are pictured here).

The COVID-19 Immunizations Dashboard provides a birds-eye view of a health center’s rollout to date. It displays the count of first and second doses administered over time, and slices that data by health center location, vaccine product, COVID-19 disease severity risk score*, and demographic variables like age group, race, gender, and ethnicity. We hope that the dashboard can inform decisions about managing vaccine supply and distribution.

The “Due for second dose of COVID-19 immunization” care gap can either be used at the point of care from Relevant’s Visit Planning module or when generating outreach lists from our Population Explorer tool. It identifies patients who received a first dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and are due for the second dose according to the CDC's dosing guidelines by vaccine product. These dosing intervals are maintained in Relevant’s data warehouse and will be updated should new vaccine products become available.

*The dashboard makes use of the COVID-19 Disease Severity Risk Model released last year. This model identifies patients at risk for developing severe disease due to COVID by assigning risk scores based on combinations of specific co-morbidities (learn more about this risk model in our previous blog post). Health centers not already using this risk model can easily turn it on in the Risk Models section of the app, which is linked in the Data Pipeline menu. Feel free to reach out to us if you’re having trouble setting it up.


We encourage health centers to make the dashboard and care gap their own. All of the reports that the dashboard relies on can be accessed by clicking through the link on the title of each tile. Health centers can add more data points to the dashboard by creating new views on those reports, or by bringing in views from other previously created reports in Report Builder.

Care providers seeking more advance notice on patients who are due for a second dose of the COVID vaccine can easily duplicate this care gap and modify the SQL to do so. Below is an example of how it can be modified so that it opens when patients are less than or equal to one week away from being due for their second dose:

    SELECT covid_immunizations.patient_id,
           'First dose of ' || vaccine_name || ' administered on: ' ||
           to_char(MIN(applied_on) OVER (PARTITION BY patient_id), 'MM/DD/YYYY') AS detail
    FROM covid_immunizations
    INNER JOIN covid_vaccines ON covid_vaccines.cvx_code = covid_immunizations.cvx_code
    /*The line of the code below specifies the care gap to open when the patient is less than or equal to 7 days away from being due for their next dose. You can swap the '7' in '7 DAYS' with another number to change it to a different number of days.*/
    WHERE {{care_gap_date}} >= (applied_on + covid_vaccines.dose_interval) - INTERVAL '7 DAYS'
          FROM covid_immunizations other_doses
          WHERE other_doses.patient_id = covid_immunizations.patient_id
            AND other_doses.applied_on != covid_immunizations.applied_on

To exclude COVID immunizations not given by your health center from the dashboard, feel free to modify the COVID-19 Immunizations importer.

Contact us

For help on setting these two tools up and/or configuring new use cases, please email us at; we’d be more than happy to assist you.

If you have feedback for us, we’re all ears - send it to

And, thank you for the work that you do!