We have some big news!

Our beloved care management platform, Relevant Health Homes (RHH), is moving to Foothold Technology, along with the team that supports it. As part of the move, RHH will soon have a new name: Foothold Care Management. Our health center analytics platform, meanwhile, will remain at Relevant and become our sole focus as a company.

We weren’t looking to sell all or part of Relevant. But about six months ago, we started talking with the leadership team at Foothold about potential collaborations. (Foothold is the leading provider of behavioral health EHR software in New York, and its world overlaps a lot with Health Homes.) The more we talked with them, the more we realized that moving RHH to Foothold made sense. Here’s why:

  • We have been expanding within the Health Homes world in New York State, but to succeed over the long term, RHH will need to make the leap to support different flavors of care management—within Health Homes and beyond, in New York and elsewhere. Foothold has the organizational resources to make this happen. Also, they are good people. We really like them.

  • Second, we want to simplify Relevant. We are so proud of what our team has built for Health Homes, but we want to double down on our commitment to community health centers. That’s why we founded Relevant, and supporting their work has always been a major focus. Going forward, it will be our only focus.

We began working on RHH nine years ago, as an internal project at Community Healthcare Network. Now the platform supports 40% of the Health Home membership in New York State, and we expect that percentage to increase in 2021. Thank you, CHN, for taking a leap of faith in allowing us to build those first versions of RHH, and later for allowing the project to take flight at Relevant!

As part of this shift, we’re playing leadership musical chairs. Brandon will continue to lead the analytics team, and will now also be CEO at Relevant. Jacob will be spending much of his time at Foothold, where he’ll continue to lead the Health Homes team. (He will also continue to play a leadership role at Relevant, though he is thrilled to not be the CEO of anything for a while.)

This acquisition involves breaking up the band at Relevant, so it’s bittersweet. We’re grateful to everyone on the RHH team for making the move to Foothold, and to everyone at Foothold for giving the team such a warm welcome. Especially Tyler Hoffman, Foothold’s CEO, who has gone way out of his way to accommodate us, and whom we hate a little more each day because he’s so good.

Please wish Relevant Health Homes well as it changes name for the fourth time. (RIP, RosterWrangler!) The platform has a great new home at Foothold, and we’re excited for its future.

~ ~ ~

Related: Here’s a link to the acquisition press release, a FAQ covering more of the nitty-gritty transition details, and the email that went out earlier today to our Health Home customers.