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What we’re doing

We support community health centers with an analytics platform and data consulting. The goal is to improve clinic operations and patient health, while building health center capacity along the way.

What does this mean, concretely? Helping a doctor plan for the day’s upcoming appointments. Allowing a health center to monitor opioid prescriptions, quickly launch a Covid immunization program, or reduce heart attacks and strokes by improving hypertension control. Check out our blog post on how Petaluma Health Center achieved the latter.

What’s a health center?

Community health centers provide primary care, dental care, mental health services, and more to poor and underserved communities across the country. They are the primary care safety net. The first health centers were founded in the 1960s, as part of the civil rights movement; today they serve more than 30 million patients per year. Health center patients are disproportionately low-income, people of color, uninsured, and publicly insured.

If you care about health equity, health centers are critical. They’re about building relationships of trust with patients who may not have much reason to trust the medical system. If you care about fixing our broken healthcare system more generally, health centers are also a strategic place to intervene: good primary care is not only a moral imperative, but a key to bending the cost curve.

Read more at the National Association of Community Health Centers, or check out this history of health centers from Health Affairs, or this issue brief on the growing importance of community health centers from the Kaiser Family Foundation. The White House briefing from mid-pandemic is a good place to start to learn about the critical role health centers played during Covid.

Why join us?

  • Support critical primary care services. A lot of interesting jobs in healthcare involve working for insurance companies. Here you’ll be working directly in support of doctors and care teams who are providing primary care to the patients who need it most.
  • A commitment to excellence. You’ll be joining a smart bunch of people who have exceedingly high standards. You’ll find hard problems we haven’t solved yet, and colleagues who will support you in tackling them. You’ll be expected to read, to reflect, to get better. It’s a good place to do great work.
  • Close relationships with users. Our collaborators at health centers are an inspiring bunch of people. Whatever your role at Relevant, you’ll get to know many of them by name, and some of them well. Genuinely knowing and liking users is a wonderfully motivating thing.
  • Good culture. Secretly, we care as much about building a delightful place to work as anything else. By “delightful,” we mean everything from having kind, self-aware colleagues; to steering toward meaningful goals; to clearing away unnecessary meetings; to alternatingly serious and frivolous lunch presentations; to occassionally hanging out with tiny pigs.[1]
  • A healthy perspective. We are serious about what we do and ambitious to make a big impact, but skeptical of tech saviorism. You will not be subjected to inflated ideas about the importance of Relevant, or tech generally, relative to the broad landscape of healthcare in the U.S. or the arc of human history.
  • No venture capital. We’re not beholden to the distorting effects of venture capital, because we have no outside investors. We’re bootstrapped, profitable, and building for long-term impact. We’re growing at an intentionally sane pace, not a rocketship pace.


  • Flexible working hours; general emphasis on happiness and sanity
  • 11 company holidays (including April Fool’s Day!) plus 5 weeks of vacation per year
  • Good health insurance, with 99-100% of the cost of premiums covered
  • Meaningful ownership: 30% of equity is allocated to employees
  • 401(k) with 3% employer contribution, whether or not you contribute
  • Macbook Pro, stipends for home-office setup, unlimited books budget

Read our employee benefits document for more details about these and other benefits.

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